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Date Night for Parents: How to Have a Date Night With Baby

In an ideal world, we’d all have a nurturing grandma or aunty nearby to relieve us of our mom and dad duties for a much-needed date night once a week. But many of us know the reality is that sitters are hard to find, difficult to trust, and expensive!

However, the good news is that it is still possible to connect with your partner on a romantic evening out with your baby in tow, especially when they’re little and their schedule is eat, sleep, poop—repeat. Date night for parents is not only possible but perhaps even easier than you might think. With just a little planning and a good baby carrier, date night with baby can be just as enjoyable as it was pre-baby!

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You can even time dinner and a movie to line up with your baby’s schedule. A quick bite to eat around the same time they usually nurse or have a bottle, then take in a movie during their nap. This is especially easy if you’re already comfortable babywearing.

Here are the date night ideas that I’ve tested myself, plus tips to make it a successful date night with baby.

Ideas for Date Night with Baby

1. Dinner and a movie

If you time it right, you can easily do this classic date night with baby. Make sure that you take an aisle seat at the theater so that you can get up and stand next to the exit if baby does get restless. I find that bouncing or swaying a bit will settle them back down and I’m out of the way in this location. Plus, I can keep watching the movie while baby relaxes.

2. Putt-putt

Babies enjoy the fresh air that you get while on a putt-putt date. It’s also relatively fast-paced, so the movement from walking around keeps them soothed, making this the perfect date night for parents.

3. Hiking day date

Hit the trail for a short hike. Read our blog on babywearing while hiking to learn more tips and tricks while hitting the trail with baby. An unexpected added bonus of this date: it’s free!!

4. Outdoor concert

An outdoor concert is fun for mom and dad, but even better for baby. Being outdoors will help them relax and you can easily walk around if they need a distraction. You can also bring a picnic blanket to let baby crawl around and stretch out on when you’re ready to take a break from the carrier.

5. Attend a sporting event

Take your date night for parents and make it a day date by going to a sports event. I personally prefer to attend outdoor sporting events over anything indoor because the noise is easier to handle. And, again, being outside tends to keep baby more relaxed and calm.

It’s important to keep “dating” your spouse throughout marriage but especially after a big transition like having a baby. Date night with baby is a way to get out and have some fun, but is also a way to release the stress of all of your new responsibilities. Share your babywearing date night experience and what worked for you in the comments down below!

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