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Babywearing While Pregnant and Tandem Babywearing: A Personal Account

As the owner and creator of Amphiba Baby, I’m often asked what inspired me to start the business in the first place. Amphiba Baby was born out of necessity when I found that other baby carriers just didn’t have all the functionality I needed. Even still, I look back on those early days of babywearing with so much fondness. This is especially true while I was pregnant and transitioning to accepting a new baby into my home. Here’s what that looked like for me - and several lessons about babywearing while pregnant I can share with you!

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My Experience with Babywearing While Pregnant

Babywearing was already firmly entrenched into my daily routine with my first child and when I got pregnant with his sister. My son wasn’t even a year and a half old yet, so I naturally continued babywearing while pregnant, although things got off to a rocky start.

The first trimester nausea made it difficult for me to even be on my feet for the first few months. Instead of babywearing, I made up for the close contact my son normally received from carry time by snuggling on the couch or in bed until I hit the second trimester and felt better. By then, I had a nice little baby bump and found that by lowering the waistband of the carrier below my growing belly and wearing my toddler son on my back, we could pick up where we left off.

Pregnancy became the start of a natural transition into more independence for my toddler son. During the third trimester, I slowly started carrying him less and less. I was listening to my body and doing shorter carries. He was also reveling in exploration and becoming more and more active. While he started walking shortly after turning one, he was now running and climbing.

There were still plenty of occasions when he wanted to be held, though, so if I was too fatigued, my partner would carry him in our soft structured infant carrier. This made for great bonding time between dad and son.

Tandem Babywearing Post Pregnancy

Ironically, after the birth of his sister, my son had a greater interest in being worn because he saw his sister in the carrier every day. So, I quickly became accustomed to tandem babywearing with my toddler on my back and my daughter on my front.

Transitioning to a second baby brings big emotions for every member of the household. Doing shorter and less frequent carries during my pregnancy allowed my son and me the opportunity to foster more independence for him. This was super helpful for me when I had to attend to a newborn. Still, when he did want to be carried, tandem babywearing allowed him to still feel close to me, especially when he was looking for security and comfort.

Another unexpected benefit was the bonding time that tandem babywearing allowed. Once his sister was born, my son got a memorable time with her when I carried him on my back and her on my front. My son felt like it was something fun and special that they did together, getting a ride on mom in their carriers.

Advice for Babywearing While Pregnant

My advice for babywearing while pregnant, as well as tandem babywearing, is short and sweet:

Listen to your body: Babywear if you feel up to it, but feel free to cut down on carrying time and practice shorter carries.

Switch to back carry: As your belly grows, you’ll find that a back carry is more comfortable for everyone involved.

Have your toddler help: Get your toddler involved and ask them to get on your back! Kneel down by a couch or bed and allow them to crawl up. This is fun for them and easier for you.

Have your partner carry: When in doubt, ask your partner to babywear. Remember, you’re already carrying one baby in your belly and they could use the bonding time with your other child(ren)!

Ultimately, my experience with babywearing while pregnant was overwhelmingly positive. There were times when I simply wasn’t up to it, but that didn’t stop my partner from babywearing! Our son still got the comfort, security, and snuggles he needed from me and his father. Transitioning into a two-child household was an opportunity for growth for all of us, but tandem babywearing helped our son really bond with his new sister - and it helped me get it all done!

Babywearing is such a helpful parenting tool that naturally a mother would want to continue using it during her pregnancy. I recommend getting the green light from your provider first but most of the time it is perfectly safe to do so.

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