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Babywearing Tips and Secrets Too Good Not to Share!

You don’t know what you don’t know. Have you ever wondered what you’re missing out on when it comes to babywearing?

As a babywearer of many years and multiple kids, I can officially say I’ve learned some tips and tricks that really change the game. I can’t say these secrets are universal to all baby wearers, but I’d be shocked if they weren’t known by the majority of those in the “club.” Now, I’m letting you in!

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Must-Know Babywearing Tips & Tricks From an Experienced Babywearer

1. You can babywear almost anywhere.

Listen, we’ve all gone to the bathroom with our kid in the carrier. When nature calls sometimes you must answer right away! Plus, if baby is napping in the carrier - why wake them?

2. Your carrier’s hood doubles as the perfect food catcher.

Hey, it’s better than picking eggs out of your newborn’s hair. If your baby carrier doesn’t have a hood, the five-second rule still applies. If food drops on baby’s head, it’s fair game if you snatch it up fast - but a quick shampoo of the baby’s hair might be called for.

3. Accidents happen.

Explosive poop will happen anywhere, even while babywearing. One of the most important babywearing tips happens when you’re still shopping for a carrier - make sure your carrier is machine washable.

4. Use the carrier as a shield.

Babywearing is a great way to prevent well-meaning, germ-filled relatives from holding your baby. “So sorry auntie, neighbor, cousin…etc. She’s just so comfortable in the carrier and I don’t want to take her out!” AKA: Keep your germs to yourself, thank you very much!

5. It keeps wandering kids close.

Your carrier also works as a fantastic tether for your toddler. Although you might get a few curious looks as a babywearer, you won’t get those funny looks that you get when you use “toddler leashes.” You know, these things:

Too tired or simply over chasing your free-willed 18-month-old around? Baby carrier to the rescue!

Please share what babywearing tips and secrets you have in the comments below! This is a safe space full of babywearers, but you can leave them anonymously if you need to! Lol.

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