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Amphiba Baby Carrier


Amphiba Baby brings breathability to the next level. When tested with comparable carriers, the Amphiba Baby Soft Mesh fabric to maximize airflow, keeping you and your baby comfortable and dry all day.

  • Adjustable from newborn to toddler (~0-48m; 7-45lbs)

  • Padded Lumbar support for extra back comfort

  • Privacy hood for sun protection and breastfeeding


Machine Washable

Made for:
7-45 lbs

Waist Belt Range:
17.8 in - 60 in

Breastfeed in Carrier

Neoprene (2).jpg (3).jpg


all-purpose waterproof soft structured infant carrier



  • Is the carrier machine washable?
    Yes! We recommend washing the carrier on the delicate cycle after every water use.
  • Can I breastfeed in the carrier?
    Absolutely, we encourage it. Watch the video on how to nurse your baby in the Amphiba Baby.
  • I find it sometimes hard to reach the chest strap on my back to fasten or unbuckle it. What should I do?
    Loosening the shoulder straps before buckling or unbuckling the chest strap will make it easier for you to reach it. Make sure to position the chest strap using the sliders on the shoulder straps so it is in the middle of your shoulder blades once you tighten the shoulder straps and get a snug fit for your and your baby’s comfort. You then just need to loosen the shoulder straps so the chest strap is easy to reach close to your neck area when buckling/unbuckling the chest strap. For safety reasons, always maintain some tension on the shoulder straps to support your baby when buckling and unbuckling the chest strap.
  • How do I adjust the carrier to my baby's size?
    There is a cord directly above the waistband of the carrier, adjust it to fit the baby’s size prior to putting it on. Step one: pull on the ripcord and push the cord lock towards the waistband to cinch the panel. Step two: once it is cinched to the desired width knot the cord lock below the waist band for added security. To release or widen the waist band: Step one: undue the cord knot Step two: pinch the cord lock and pull it towards you to loosen the waistband and widen the width Step three: re-knot the ripcord once the waistband is at you desired width.
  • What is the weight limit of the Amphiba Baby?
    7 lbs - 45 lbs
  • Can I wear the baby in the front, facing out?"
    No, this carrier is certified for a front carry with baby facing in (safest while in the water) and the back-carry position.
  • At what age can I carry my baby in the back carry position?
    Each parent and child is different but usually around 6 months your baby will be ready to be carried on the back and parents are comfortable not having their baby in direct line of sight. Baby must have strong head and neck control and be comfortably seated consistently in the carrier in an ergonomic, frog-leg position with knees even to hips. People with larger babies who are more developed may choose to put their baby in the back carry position even earlier than 6 months especially for longer carry times since many parents find it more comfortable to wear heavy babies on their backs.
  • Hood Features
    It’s XL and equipped with six buttons to adjust its size as needed. *XL to provide coverage when nursing and *to continue to provide head support as your baby grows into a toddler *The hood can be rolled up and tucked away into “hood holders” *When it is in the rolled up position, the hood acts as head support for your infant. *The hood holders also serve as attachments for pacifier, baby toys, keys, etc.
  • Hood Positions
    The Carrier Hood has 3 Positions. 1. Fully released. This works best for infant’s 12mo and older. 2. Fully cinched. This works best for newborn to six months. 3. Partly Cinched. This works best for baby’s 6mo to 12mo.
  • How to Adjust Carrier Hood
    Step One for a Fully Cinched Hood Snap the center buttons together toward the midline of the hood. Step Two for a Fully Cinched Hood Snap the buttons on the outer edge down together. Step Three for The Fully Cinched Hood
  • Is the zippered pocket waterproof?
    The zippered pocket is made out of neoprene, the same as the body of the carrier, however, the zipper is not a perfect seal and anything placed in the zippered pocket may be compromised if worn in the water.
  • Does the carrier offer sun protection?
    Yes, the carrier has a built-in hood made of mesh so it is breathable and moisture-wicking while also providing shade from the sun.
  • How big are the pockets and what can I fit in them?
    The pockets are 5.5” wide by 9” high at their tallest point. The zippered pocket is large enough for your cell phone, wallet, keys, etc. The other pocket is actually two pockets in one and will stretch to accommodate a number of things… a diaper, a small wipes package, butt paste…get creative! These pockets were meant for you to have your essentials with you so no extra bag is necessary! Focus on fun and adventure!
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