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Is Your Baby Ready For a Back Carry?

Amphiba Baby Carrier At A Glance

Neoprene Extreme Soft

Cool-MaxNo Sweat Lining

for Hot Weather


Antimicrobial Pockets

Water Resistant

Heat Protection

Easy & Simple Adjustments

for Cold Weather

All Purpose All Season Carrier: Babies 7-45lbs


Breastfeed in Carrier

Baby Nest for Sleepy Time


Perfect for
On-The Go

Beach & Pool Time

FACING IN (0+ Months)

FACING OUT (5+ Months)

BACK CARRY (6+ Months)


What is so special about Amphiba Baby Carrier?


Soft and Gentle on Baby’s Skin

  • Neoprene is extremely soft and gentle on baby’s skin.

  • Now the inside lining of the baby carrier is cool-max wicking material that wicks away sweat on hot days.

  • The pocket material on the front of the carrier is spandex antimicrobial material. 

Neoprene Extreme Soft

No Sweat Lining


Antimicrobial Pockets

Water Resistance (3).jpg

It is made from waterproof neoprene that is perfect for trips to the beach or pool.

Stay Warm in Cold Weather


It functions well in cold weather and will keep your baby warm in low temperatures.

Easy and Simple to Adjust


The carrier can be easily adjusted by moving the toggle on the waistband.


The carrier can be used with infants as small as 7lbs. all the way up to 45lbs.

For a small infant pull the rope and adjust the toggle to narrow the waist. As the baby grows you will release the toggle and widen the waistband.

a carrier that made your day-to-day life more manageable.

ALL THE POCKETS: so important to moms...We have a waterproof neoprene zipper pocket to hold important items like your cell phone or wallet. On your trips to the stores, or an outing to the park or even a visit with friends...all you need is your baby and your carrier.


There’s also not one but TWO stretchy pockets for...

Mini Wipes

Diaper Bag

Diaper Cream

Nipple Cream


Your Coffee

Water Bottle

Extra Clothes


The versatile hood.

This carrier also has an attached hood that tucks away at the ends when it’s not needed. This way if baby falls asleep while in the carrier you can put the carrier up to keep their head closely supported to your body.


The hood also can act as a privacy barrier if you need to breast feed in public. 


When the hood is not folded away you can use the hood holders to hook on extra attachments such as hand sanitizer, pacifier, or baby toys.

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