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Hands free on land or sea. One carrier to do it all!

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All Purpose All Season Carrier: Babies 7-45lbs


Breastfeed in Carrier

Baby Nest for Sleepy Time


Perfect for
On-The Go

Beach & Pool Time

Neptune Baby Carrier At A Glance

Neoprene Extremely Soft
Gentle on baby's sensitive skin

No Sweat Lining

Will keep baby cool in the summer


Antimicrobial Pockets
Repels germs and mold growth

Take to the pool, beach or splash pad

Heat Protection

Will keep baby warm in the winter

Easy & Simple Adjustments
Quick to snap on and take off.

Neptune Baby Carrier Exclusive Features!


Size inclusive for all parents with a 60" waistbandlongest on the market for a buckle carrier!


2 Stretch pockets & 1 Pocket with a water resistant zipper to hold important items: cell phone, wallet


The rollable hood attached to the carrier can be used as head support, privacy barrier, items holder.

Important Notice: Our product features a water-resistant pocket, designed to protect your belongings from light splashes and moisture. However, please note that it is not intended for submerging your cell phone or exposing it to direct water spray at the top of the zipper where it is not a perfect seal. Submerging the pocket or exposing it to direct water at the top of the zipper may result in your items getting wet. Please exercise caution and use the pocket as intended to ensure the safety of your belongings.

What is so special about Neptune Baby Carrier?


Ideal for everyday activities or for family adventures such as hiking, yoga, or water play. We go where you want to go!

Made for comfort with a padded waistband and shoulder straps. This carrier will support your baby comfortably for long or short carries..

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Designed for Versatility

Stay warm. It functions well in cold weather and will keep your baby warm in low temperatures.

Created for all body types with added length to the waistband webbing this carrier can accommodate all sizes.

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Neoprene Layer

UV Protected




Inside Cool Max Mesh


Draws air in and wicks moisture away

Neptune Baby Carrier's 3 in 1 Layer